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AMCAS, Essay & resume evaluation

The Cracking Med School Admissions team can help you craft essays that will be noticed, and most importantly, remembered by the admissions committee. We have professional writing experience and have revised thousands of essays. Now you can receive personalized feedback tailored towards your application through our essay and resume editing service!

Our AMCAS consulting services are unique because we thoroughly look through and think about other aspects of your application and help you highlight your strengths, values, and personal themes. For example, we find ways to uniquely illustrate your extra-curricular activities and personal experiences. Our personalized feedback is tailored towards YOUR application.

When you sign on with our essay editing service, you will receive the following from Stanford medical students:

· Line-by-line edits to ensure your essays have proper grammar, engaging diction, appropriate tone, and transitions

· Feedback about essay organization and style

· Detailed general evaluation about the essay’s content and themes

· Suggestions for how to integrate primary and secondary essays

· Tips to stand out from the perspective of medical school admissions officers

AMCAS Activities Editing

· Edit all activity descriptions

· Offer suggestions to improve the wording and leadership positions in your application

· Critique short answer essays

· Suggestions to integrate activities with personal statement


The Cracking Med School Admissions team is a group of award-winning Stanford Medical School students. They are passionate about medical school admissions and want to share their tips & strategies with you! We’ve successfully helped thousands of applicants, including both science and non-science majors, post-bacs, MD/PhDs, and Rhodes Scholars. Now, we are excited to help you on your pre-med journey!

If you have started earlier in process and are ensure of what your application strategy should be, we recommend our Application Packages for maximum benefit.

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Interview Prep

You’ve got an email that reads, “You’re invited to an interview.” Exciting!

You passed the first big hurdle and are one step closer to getting into your dream medical school.

The interview is where it all counts.

It’s all come down to the wire. So don’t blow your chance.

The medical school interview will make or break your chances of getting into the medical school of your dreams.

We will help you get in and we can coach you until your answers reach PERFECTION.

The Cracking Med School Admissions team has sat on interview panels for the Rhodes & Marshall Scholarships, medical school admissions, and college admissions committees. We know that medical school interviews are stressful, but we have helped many others prepare and fine tune their interview answers.

Our team can help you by providing personalized questions that are specific to your application, performing mock interviews, formulating themes and examples for your interview that will make you shine, refine your responses until they are fine tuned, and provide you with continuous feedback.

Mock interview packages start at one-hour time increments, which include a mock interview and a feedback session. Our goal is to help you feel completely prepared for your interview.

To schedule an interview and work with us to tailor medical school interview help, please email info@crackingmedadmissions.com.

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Application Packages

Medical school awaits, but first you need to get through the entire application process! Feeling overwhelmed with how to start but want to make your application phenomenal? The Cracking Med School Admissions team can help walk you through the entire application process. From brainstorming to highlighting your key experiences on your secondary applications to conducting mock interviews. Click here to find out more about our different application packages and receive up to a $500 discount.

Package 1: $499 – Save $100

· TWO rounds of edits and comments for your primary essay

· ONE round of edits and comments for your AMCAS descriptions



Package 2: $699 – Save $200

· TWO rounds of edits and comments for your primary essay

· TWO rounds of edits and comments for your AMCAS descriptions

· ONE round of edits and comments for THREE of your secondary applications


Package 3: $999 – Save $500

· TWO rounds of edits and comments for your primary essay

· TWO round of edits and comments for your AMCAS descriptions

· ONE round of edits and comments for FIVE of your secondary applications

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