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We are so excited to work with you!

Dr. Rachel Rizal and Dr. Rishi Mediratta, Harvard and Stanford-trained physicians, are excited to help you with your medical school journey!

We are passionate about medical school and scholarship advising! We hold ourselves to a high bar, and we are dedicated to helping you stand out among other applicants.

Let's Get You Into Your Dream Medical School!

"I was busy with school and did my essays last minute. The Cracking Med School Admissions team was EXTREMELY CLUTCH, and helped me revise several drafts of my personal statement and application. Thanks!!!"
Accepted to Stanford Medical School
"I was worried about my personal statement and how I could make myself stand out in my essays and my interviews. They edited endless drafts of my essays and gave extremely valuable and honest advice on med school admissions."
Accepted to UC Davis Medical School

"I wanted to spend a year before applying and gain international research experience. Cracking Med School Admissions helped me win a Fulbright Fellowship and later get accepted Harvard!"
Accepted to Harvard Medical School
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