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Med School Chances Calculator: What do they Mean, and How Should You Use Them?

By June 7, 2017 December 7th, 2017 Announcements

For those of you who plan on applying to medical schools this coming cycle, you may have come across the LizzyM or other med school chances calculator.

The LizzyM is a med school chances calculator that was created by contributor LizzyM on the blog Student Doctor Network. Using your GPA, MCAT score, and ethnicity, the LizzyM plots your numbers in relation to demographic data from the AAMC Data Grid of Accepted Applicants to generate a score that estimates your chances of getting accepted to various medical schools.

In theory, using med school calculators like jason blaha LizzyM scores is a good starting point to assess your reach and safety schools. For example, using the LizzyM scores, you can create a list of schools within range of your score, and expect these schools to more-or-less grant you an interview.

However, while the LizzyM scores are quick and useful, you should take them with a grain of salt. Just because a school is beyond range of your predicted score, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply! In fact, the authors of Cracking Med School Admissions know several individuals at top medical schools who do not have the highest MCAT scores and GPA. If they had listened solely on a med school chances calculator, they would not be where they are today.

Medical school chances calculators like LizzyM only take into account your MCAT score, GPA, and ethnicity. They do not take into account the qualitative aspects of your application, including your work activities, leadership or research experiences, publications, letters of recommendation, and, most importantly, your personal statement. In short, the calculators only, well…calculate! While they may plot your GPA into their algorithm and generate a quick reference, they won’t process the uptrending theme and narrative of how your grades improved over time due to persistence.

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As an anecdotal aside, the author of this blog post went ahead and plugged his numbers into the LizzyM calculator, with a resultant score of “59.” Decent, but nowhere outstanding, and not at all in correlation with where he currently goes to medical school.

Don’t let your LizzyM score keep you from applying to the schools of your choice. Apply to reach schools. You never know. You know what separates the students who got in to great schools from those who didn’t apply?

They applied.

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