Here is a ‘dose’ of medical school admissions success stories from applicants and current medical students who have used our services:

Katherine, student at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“I was abroad pursuing a Masters Degree while applying to medical school. Trust me, applying from abroad is very stressful. But the Cracking Med School Admissions team gave me lots of support, and their enthusiasm and knowledge made me more confident and less stressed out.”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 
  • Decided whether I should apply for an international fellowship. They helped me weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Their insights and perspectives were extremely valuable.
  • Navigated through the medical school admissions process. Since I was aboard, they helped me figure out when I should come back and do interviews.
  • Connected me at student at various medical schools so I can ask them questions about what it’s like to be a student there. Eventually, I chose to attend Johns Hopkins.

Harvard Medical School Rich, student at Harvard Medical School

“I wanted to gain international research experience before entering medical school. Cracking Med School Admissions helped me win a Fulbright Fellowship and get into the medical school of my dreams! The team has been such an inspiration, and they always pushed me to strive for opportunities I thought were beyond my reach. Even today, I ask the team for feedback on research grants and scholarship applications. I would highly recommend the team to every pre-med.”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 
  • Write a research proposal for several post-scholarship applications
  • Gave advice on how to lead and manage a public health club my senior year – it was the first club I had ever led
  • Craft and edit several scholarship and medical school essays
  • Prepare me through mock interviews

 Ryan, student at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine on a Scholarship

“I was a college senior at Brown University who wanted to find an effective way to present himself to admissions committees. I turned to Rachel for help on how to write essays that were detailed and engaging.”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 
  • Thorough proofreading and editing of several essays
  • Provided useful information on Stanford admissions as well as the MMI format
  • Gave several useful tips on the best ways to prepare for medical school interviews
  • Helped me earn acceptances to several top programs, including Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, and Yale School of Medicine.

Michigan Medical School Gaurav, student at University of Michigan Medical School

“I was busy with school and did my essays last minute. The Cracking Med School Admissions team was EXTREMELY CLUTCH, and helped me revise several drafts of my personal statement and application. Thanks!!! My advice to applicants is to get their help too!”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 
  • Gave very critical, honest feedback about my essays. My first draft didn’t paint a great picture of why I wanted to practice medicine. Thanks to the team’s help, I changed the tone of my personal statement, and it became much better
  • Edited my activities section. The team is pro at accentuating your strengths and leadership in the descriptions. They know the medical school admissions process very well.

UCLAJay, student at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

“I was worried about getting into medical schools because I went to a state school. Now, I am having a great time at UCLA!”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 
  • Brainstormed essay topics and read draft after draft after draft of my essays – they are good the entire essay writing process (from brainstorming to grammar mistakes)
  • The team is extremely knowledgeable about different medical schools. I was surprised at how much information they know about the different curriculums, departments, and programs of several medical schools
  • Play the waitlist game. I got waitlisted at some schools and they helped me write letters to the Admissions Committee

Davis Medical School Diane, student at University of California, Davis Medical School

“I was worried about my personal statement and how I could make myself stand out in my essays and my interviews. With these things, James and Rachel were integral to my medical school application success. Their advice is golden- take it!”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 

  • There for me as advisers from the initial essay brainstorming phase to the day I got the acceptance phone call. They edited endless drafts of my essays and gave extremely valuable and honest advice on med school admissions.
  • Always there to give refreshing perspectives and concrete suggestions.
  • James and Rachel helped me with many of my medical school interviews too. For my MMI interviews – I met with them, and they even acted out scenarios and role-played with me! Because the Cracking Med School Admissions team has served on numerous interview panels in the past, they gave me great advice and helped me stand out in my interviews.

B.S. University Alice, B.S. University of California, San Diego 

“I love the Cracking Med Admissions Advising team! I wanted to take a few years off before applying to medical school. The Cracking Med Admissions team was super knowledgeable about the different options and opportunities I could pursue if I decided to take time off.”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 

  • They helped me create a public health education program for the free clinic I worked with in Mexico.
  • They helped me decide whether to take additional courses and whether to re-take my MCAT.

Stanford University Lucinda, student at Stanford University School of Medicine

“The medical school application process is a marathon–and there’s no better feeling when you’re toeing up to the start than knowing that you have the Cracking Med Admissions team to support you every step of the way. Thanks!!”

Here’s how Cracking Med School Admissions helped me: 
  • The Cracking Med School Admissions book was very helpful for interview prep: what to wear, what kinds of questions to expect, how to schedule interviews from abroad. Thanks to advice from the Cracking Med School Admissions team, I managed to schedule all of my interviews in one convenient trip, even though I was overseas the whole year.
  • The team scheduled a Skype session with me to explain how the MMI works and run through example scenarios. He gave personalized feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of my interview responses. Because I knew exactly what to expect going into the MMI, I could concentrate on giving thoughtful responses to the interviewers on the actual interview day without any of the nervous jitters.
  • The Cracking Med School Admissions team gave me the extra edge to stand out in a field of highly competitive applicants.


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