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Our goal is to help you stand out and make a lasting impression!

Dr. Rishi Mediratta

Rishi Mediratta, MD, MSc, MA

Advising students into their dream schools

Johns Hopkins

Medical School

Dr. Rachel Rizal - Cracking Med School Admissions

Rachel Rizal, MD

Changing the trajectory of people’s lives


Medical School

Kevin Li - Cracking Med School Admissions

Kevin Li

Inspiring students to think anything is possible

UC Los Angles

Medical School
UC San Francisco


Alex soto

Motivating students to think big & achieve more

Johns Hopkins

Medical School

Ralph Lawton Headshot

Ralph Lawton

Supporting students to find success


Medical School
Harvard MD/PhD


Jordan Cornwell

Inspiring students to realize their full potential


Medical School

Serajh Esmail Headshot

Serajh Esmail

Helping you Shine on MMIs

UC Berkeley

Medical School
UC San Diego


We will tell you what nobody else can or will about your current interview skills.

Our medical school interview coaching will push you towards excellence. Med school interviews are EXTREMELY important. The more preparation you have, the better.

The Cracking Med School Admissions team members are seasoned interviewers and seasoned interviewees. We will fine tune your interview skills so you stand out from the competitive pool of applicants.

We are medical school and residency interviewers. From personal experience,  we know what makes people shine during interviews.

We have also been interviewed for top medical schools, prestigious internships, and scholarship programs.  We’ll help you not only be a strong interview applicant, but also a fantastic one.

Choose your Mock Medical School Interview Package

"Mastering the Multiple Mini Interview:" MMI Interview Course with Cracking Med School Admissions
MMI Course Details:

Get all the information you need to stand out during your Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). Learn tips and tricks to get extra points during your Multiple Mini Interviews.

Understand how to tackle several types of interview scenarios:

  • Ethical
  • Team
  • Current Events
  • Traditional Questions
  • Situational

Practice real-time with MMI questions. See sample responses and feedback about what makes a good interview response versus a great interview response.

Mock MMI – Medical School Interview

After you complete the course and practice MMI questions on your own, you will schedule a mock MMI with Dr. Rachel Rizal. She will give you critical feedback about your responses and coach you to become an exceptional MMI interviewer.

*Each medical school mock interview will be tailored towards each med school’s MMI.*


This package includes 4 mock medical school interviews.

For each mock medical school interview, choose between a mock Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) or a mock traditional interview. We will tailor your mock interview based on the. med school you will interview at.

Go from average to excellent with the help of Cracking Med School Admissions interview coaches. 

In the beginning stages of interview preparation, we will brainstorm and practice responses with you. We will help you hone which extra-curricular activities and experiences to use during your medical school interview. We will help you sell your strengths.

Ready to polish your interview skills? The Cracking Med School Admissions team will grill you with tough interview questions and will refine your answers. You will not only be extremely prepared for interview day, but we will also coach you until you stand out among the competitive pool of medical school applicants.

$1196 $1095

Choose between 1 mock MMI interview or 1 mock traditional medical school interview. 

Each medical school interview coaching session will include a mock med school interview and feedback. We will help you craft answers to common questions and strengthen your responses.

Want to be coached by Stanford, Harvard, and UCSF-trained physicians who have mastered the art of medical school interviews?

For traditional interviews, we will study your primary & secondary applications and tailor your mock interview.

For Multiple Mini Interviews, we will mimic interview day and practice several back-to-back MMI station prompts. Then, we will give you feedback based on your overall performance. 

From personal experience, we know what makes people shine during interviews. We know the mistakes to avoid during the interview. Interviews can make or break your medical school acceptances, and we are here to help prepare you to ace your interviews.


how it works

Frequently Asked Questions

First, every single person on our Cracking Med School Admissions interview team has interviewed for top medical schools and received acceptances. We’ve had to sharpen our own medical school interview skills! We love interviewing and discovering ways to stand out — we’ve played the piano and beat-boxed during our own interviews! 🙂

But, medical school interview coaching is different. We care about making YOU a phenomenal interviewee! 

Each year, we coach dozens of medical school applicants like you with the goal of making you stand out in your medical school interviews.

We are also passionate about medical school admissions and mentorship. For example, Dr. Rizal was an interviewer for Stanford Medical School’s Multiple Mini Interviews and Princeton undergraduate interviews. Dr. Mediratta has been an interviewer for Rhodes / Marshall Scholarships. We are active with our undergraduate career centers and speak to pre-med organizations around the United States about “How to Stand Out during Medical School interviews.”

Read our testimonials from medical school applicants from previous cycles down below. As one applicant put it,

Practicing interviews with Cracking Med School Admissions helped me prepare for the real thing. The prep brought up interview questions that showed up in my actual interviews.

Perfect simulated experience that made interview day seem so much less daunting and more enjoyable, preparing me for both the foundational questions and all the curveballs interviewers threw at me.”

Traditional one-on-one mock medical school interview:

Before your traditional mock med school interview with Cracking Med School Admissions, your medical school interview coach will read your AMCAS application + secondary application in detail. 

The first level of specificity is asking you questions related to your background. We will of course ask you the common medical school interview questions throughout your mock interview. But, we will also ask specific questions related to your extra-curricular activities.

The next level of tailoring your mock interview towards you is through tailoring the questions based on what medical school you will be interviewing at. We have received detailed post-interview feedback from hundreds of applicants, so we have a good grasp of the types of questions applicants may receive during their real interview day.  For example, some medical schools value urban health while others value rural health. Some medical schools want to understand how you will become a healthcare leader. Still other medical schools want to understand your personal beliefs and values. 

Finally, all the feedback you will receive from your medical school interview coach is specific to you. We never give general feedback. Everything is specific to your answers and how you were able to navigate through the interview. If you need help on crafting answers to common medical school questions, we will spend time during our feedback session to help you craft better responses. If we notice a pattern in your speaking or if something is lacking in your answers, we will point that out and give examples on how you can improve! 

MMI Mock Medical School Interview:

Your medical school interview coach will emulate your mock MMI as closely as possible to your actual interview. If you have 2 minutes to think + 6 minutes to respond, that is what we will do during our mock MMI interview with you! 

Please let us know what medical school you will interviewing at, the timing of the MMI stations, and any other information the medical school admissions committee gives you.

Most medical schools have ethical, traditional, and situational MMI stations. We will definitely have an array of MMI stations that cover those type of scenarios. Some schools, however, have team-based, creative, acting, or innovation-related MMI questions. We also know that medical schools ask questions related to its local current events. We will make sure to tailor our MMI questions and stations towards the specific medical school you will be interviewing at.

We have helped medical school applicants prepare generally for medical school interviews. However, we find that it is best to prepare for a specific upcoming medical school interview. This way, if you are interviewing at X medical school, we will ask questions like “Why do you want to come to X medical school?”

We will help you tailor your message and interview answers for a specific school. We know the nuances of various medical schools and what they like to emphasize, and we’ll make sure you hit those points during your interview!

We prepare students for all types of interviews:

  • Multiple Mini Interviews
  • Traditional Style Interviews
  • MD/PhD
  • Summer Internships
  • Fellowships and Scholarships
  • Public Health
  • Public Policy
  • Business

Please read our response in the previous question to learn more about how we tailor our mock medical school interview specifically for you.

Our Cracking Med School Admissions team will get in touch with you promptly.  We request that you send us your AMCAS application and the secondary essays for the school(s) you are preparing for. Email your materials and questions to Then, we will schedule a mock interview with you and provide you feedback during your session. 

This interview preparation is personalized and tailored for each student to shine!

We will ask you details about your medical school interview. What medical school? What’s the interview format? When is your interview? Do you know the faculty member you will interviewing with?

Then, we will schedule a mock interview with you. Our mock interviews are held virtually through Zoom.

Each mock interview is 75 to 90 minutes. During this time, we will ask you several questions. We will asked questions tailored to your specific information and the specific medical school you will be interviewing at. For example, some medical schools are “research-heavy.” We will grill you on details about your research as a premed.

After the med school mock interview, we will give you our brutally honest and direct feedback. If we need to practice some responses again and again, we can do so. 

Email us at to schedule a specific date and time for your med school mock interview. 

Our students work with us to prepare for BOTH Multiple Mini Interviews and traditional one-on-one interviews. Group interviews or panel interviews are rarer in the medical school interview circuit. But, we can help you with those styles of interviews too!

For each type of interview, students typically do 1-4 mock interviews. The more practice you have with us, the more we can refine your skills! 

You will receive brutally honest feedback from our team. Our goal through our medical school interview coaching and mock interview sessions is to make you an exceptional interviewer.

Here are some elements our medical school interview coaches are looking for:

  • How did you generally perform? Of course, we will look out for your general communication skills, eye contact, and speaking abilities. 
  • Did you convey your strengths? What makes you special as an applicant?
  • Were you able to convey your 
  • Did you answer questions related to your specific activities? We will be grilling you throughout your med school mock interview.

Feedback Tailored to Your Performance and Application:

All the feedback you will receive from your medical school interview coach is specific to you. We never give generic feedback. Everything is specific to your answers and how you were able to navigate through the interview. If you need help on crafting answers to common medical school questions, we will spend time during our feedback session to help you craft better responses. If we notice a pattern in your speaking or if something is lacking in your answers, we will point that out and give examples on how you can improve! 

We focus on how you can further stand out – what are specific ways you can change your interview responses to stand out more as an applicant? If your answers are already great, how can we make them exceptional? We will be giving you ideas on how to give stronger answers.

How do you know if you are at the stage of an exceptional applicant? You have full control over the direction (content) of your interview AND you have fine tuned both common and uncommon interview questions.


We are an extremely versatile team who has a wide range of experiences, from public health to research to public policy to business. 

We have deep expertise and experience in helping students with the following:

  • MD/PhD interviews
  • Osteopathic medicine medical interviews
  • Primary care medical scholarship programs
  • Residency interviews
  • Medical Fellowship interviews
  • Master’s degree interviews
  • Rural health programs
  • Nursing interviews
  • MBA programs, including MD/MBA programs
  • Summer internships
  • Research positions
  • Medical scribe positions
  • Dental school
  • Physical therapy school
  • Physician Assistant interviews
  • Health consulting & strategy consulting case interviews (e.g. BCG or McKinsey interviews)

We have helped students get accepted to all these types of programs after they prepared with us for their interviews!

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