How to Re-Use Medical School Secondary Essays

How to Re-Use Medical School Secondary Essays

We’ve had some applicants ask us whether we would advise re-using some of their medical school secondary essays for other schools.

Here are tips to write your medical school secondary essays

Some schools have similar secondary essays. Answer the specific prompt and follow the word count guidelines. If you reuse secondary essays, be sure to change the name of the school!

Also, it’s still wise to tailor the medical school secondary essay to the specific school.


  • Provide specific reasons why each medical school is a good fit for you.
  • Are there specific professors that match your research interests?
  • Is there an awesome pre-clinical or clinical program that interests you?
  • Why does the school’s mission statement resonate with you?

If you have other questions about medical school secondary essays, ask us questions and look for tips in our book!

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