UNLIMITED AMCAS and Secondary Bootcamp



In a time crunch? Worried about submitting your AMCAS applications as early as you can? Our Cracking Med School Admissions team will work and edit your primary application from start to finish. We will edit and polish each draft of your primary application and six secondaries.

Our goal is to have you submit your applications as early as possible but with the highest standard of quality. After you work with us intensively, your application will stand out from the rest. Guaranteed.

With our UNLIMITED Bootcamp, you will have:

  • Unlimited editing for your AMCAS personal statement
  • Unlimited editing for your AMCAS Activities Descriptions and most meaningful activities essays
  • Unlimited editing for SIX of your secondary personal statements
  • Constant check-ins with our team. We will be emailing and texting you to check-in with your progress, and you can email us with as many questions and edits as you need to feel confident about your application.

We will customize a schedule for you. But here’s a sample schedule:

Week 1:

  • Brainstorm and discuss application themes
  • Brainstorm personal statement topics
  • Submit resume and review activities, leadership positions, accomplishments, research publications, and conferences with Cracking Med School Admissions advisers
  • Discuss letters of recommendations and GPA
  • Brainstorm list of medical schools to apply to

Week 2:

  • Start writing personal statement
  • Start writing AMCAS Activities Descriptions
  • Input all AMCAS information, including letters of recommendations and GPA
  • Finalize list of medical schools to apply to

Week 3:

  • Continue to edit personal statement
  • Continue to edit and finalize AMCAS Activities descriptions
  • Start writing and editing AMCAS “Most Meaningful” Activities
  • Target submitting AMCAS

Week 4:

  • AMCAS needs to be submitted by this week
  • Choose 5 schools for secondaries
  • Start brainstorming secondary essay topics
  • Start writing secondary essay topic for top 5 schools
  • Outline all five secondaries

Week 5:

  • Continue to write secondary essays

Week 6:

  • Continue writing and finalizing secondary essays for all six schools
  • Brainstorm additional secondary responses for other schools

Have questions about this package? Email us at info@crackingmedadmissions.com to schedule a free phone call to discuss your application and what package is right for you!