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Medical School Interview Thank You Letter Examples

It has been a long med school interview day. BUT, there’s one more thing you need to do! Write medical school interview thank you notes! After your medical school interview, it is considered best practice to send medical school thank you letters emails to your interviewers, students you interacted with, and/or the Admissions Office staff if they were heavily involved during interview day.  Since handwritten letters are rare in our digital age, thank you emails are equally appropriate.

In this blog post, we will cover medical school interview thank you letters, specifically:

Make sure to read all these tips and medical school thank you letter examples! 

Medical School Interview Thank You Letter FAQs

We frequently receive many questions about the medical school interview thank you letter, sometimes just as many questions as for the interview itself! While it is less important than the interview day, medical school interview thank you letters are still important elements of your interview. Think about them as the best way to “stick the landing” after a successful conversation.

Before we jump into how to write a thank you letter for medical school interviews, let’s cover some basic medical school interview thank you letter frequently asked questions:

#1. Should I send thank you notes after my medical school interview? 

You should absolutely send a thank you letter to any students or faculty who spent a significant amount of time with you, whether one-on-one or in a group setting. Remember that many of these individuals have taken time out of their day to get to know you or help you get to know their school and acknowledging this is essential!

#2. When should I send my thank you emails after my medical school interview? 

You should aim to send the thank you letter within 24 hours of your interview, before your interviewer has completed their evaluation or met in committee to discuss your application. Get in the habit of sending a thank you email to your interviewers the night after your medical school interview. We know you are exhausted, but we view thank you notes as an important part of interviewing, so don’t forget to send them!

#3. How do I get the interviewer’s contact information? 

The best way to get your interviewer’s contact information is to ask them directly at the end of the interview as you say goodbye. While some interviewers will proactively offer this information, feel free to ask directly – they are usually eager to stay in touch to answer further questions. If you forget, you can often get this information from the admissions office after the interview as well.  Finally, you can also look up interviewers’ contact information online – sometimes University websites will post faculty email addresses and contact information.

#4. How does a thank you letter differ from an update letter?  

A thank you letter is usually a brief note sent to an interviewer thanking them for their time shortly after the interview. An update letter is instead addressed to the admissions committee and is focused on re-iterating your arguments for why you would be an excellent fit for the school and why you would be excited about attending their medical school. This is usually sent later on in the application cycle, either to your top choice school or after an initial decision has been rendered.

#5. How long should my thank you letter be?

Your letter should remain short and to the point. Medical school thank you notes are typically 1-2 short paragraphs, consisting of a few sentences each paragraph. We strongly recommend NOT sending long paragraphs or long thank you notes.  Remember that you have already had a significant amount of time to speak to the interviewers and your note should focus on briefly recapping your conversation, thanking them for their time, and expressing your continued enthusiasm in their school.

#6. What happens if my med school interviewers do not respond? 

Do not worry! Don’t interpret this as, “My medical school interviewer was not impressed by meeting me during my medical school interview.” Medical school interviewers are busy. So, they may have read your note as . As one faculty interview told Dr. Rizal, “I don’t usually have time to respond to all the applicants’ thank you emails. But, I remember what they wrote. And, I remember who did not write me a thank you email.”

Additionally, many schools have policies that prevent interviewers from corresponding with applicants until applicants have been officially notified of their decision. This is to avoid unfair information exchange or demonstrate any kind of favorability to particular candidates.

#7. What medical school interview thank you email subject lines should I use? 

Don’t over think this. You can write “Thank you for interviewing me today” as a subject line. Other subject lines could read “Thank you and nice meeting you” or “Thank you and follow-up to today’s interview”

#8. Do I need to send medical school interview thank you notes to my Multiple Mini Interview raters?

No. Most medical schools want the MMI raters / interviewers to be anonymous. So, if you have multiple mini interviews, no need to send thank you notes to those interviewers! You may still want to send a thank you email to the medical school admissions office. 

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Medical School Interview Thank You Letter Tips

As part of your med school interview thank you letter, there are four key areas that you should make sure to highlight to leave a memorable and favorable impression. These include expressing gratitude, referencing specific conversation points, connecting your past experiences to opportunities, and re-iterating your strong interest.

Expressing gratitude

Make sure to thank your interviewer for their time! Many of these faculty and students are volunteers and are taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with you – make sure to express your gratitude for them doing so.

Reference specific conversation points during your med school interview

Referring back to your interview conversation will not only jog your interviewer’s mind to your interaction with them, but also demonstrate how you were listening closely and actively engaged in the conversation. Also, it demonstrates that you have taken time to reflect on your discussion beyond just the interview, a quality that is highly valued by many interviewers.

Connect your past experiences to opportunities

With the many amazing candidates that medical schools interview, it is often difficult to differentiate between those students who would best contribute to a particular medical school. Re-iterating areas where you have already produced impact at previous schools and institutions and how you can see yourself carrying this over to medical school will allow an interviewer to see your dedication and ability to positively influence their community.

Re-iterate your strong interest in the medical school

Many medical schools want to make sure that the students that they accept choose to attend their school. As a result, hearing strong interest from candidates allows them to gauge this likelihood and helps to produce a positive impression that may help your application when it is being considered. Expressing your interest does not bind you to a school, but merely suggests that you enjoyed your visit and can see yourself attending that school in the future.

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Medical School Interview Thank You Letter Examples

After your interview, you may need to send thank you notes to your interviewers, students, and/or the admissions office. We have included sample medical school interview notes below:

Faculty or student thank you email after medical school interview: 

Dear Dr. X,


Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me on [Insert date]. I really enjoyed speaking with you and learning more about [Insert school name] which I believe would be a great fit for my learning style, interests, and continuing my passions in medical school. Everyone whom I met during interview day was engaging and kind and I can see myself contributing as a student to [Insert activity]. I am especially intrigued by the student run clinic, where I could work to continue helping the underserved as well as develop my clinical skills.


I enjoyed learning about your clinical research in concussion management and hope that your recent work will be presented soon!


I would be honored to attend [Insert school]. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to further evaluate my candidacy.


Best regards,

[Insert name]

Thank you email to medical student:

You might have met a current medical school student during a lunch, medical school interview social, student panel, or admissions tour. If you had a discussion with the med student and interacted with him or her at length and want to keep in touch, then send them a follow-up thank you email. 

Dear [Insert student name],


Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me during my interview day at [Insert school] on [Insert date]. I really appreciated hearing more about your experiences and areas where I can contribute as a future student. In particular, I was struck by [Insert conversation topic or activity], which aligns with the qualities that I am looking for in a medical school.


[Insert school] remains one of my top choice schools and I would be honored to attend. I hope to see you again during the second look events!



[Insert name]

Thank you email to Admissions Office:

Dear Admission Office at [Insert school],


Thank you for hosting an informative and excellent interview day on [Insert date]. Everyone whom I met during interview day was engaging and kind and I particularly enjoyed my conversations with [Insert interviewer names]. I left [Insert school name] very impressed by the resources offered to medical students and I could readily see myself contributing to [Insert activity] as a future student.

I eagerly look forward to hearing from the admissions committee in regards to my candidacy and hope to see you in the fall!


Best regards,

[Insert name]

Final Thoughts

Medical school interview thank you letters are a common and expected part of the medical school admissions process. Although they can sometimes be tedious or feel redundant, they are an essential part of “sticking the landing” on your interview day and ensuring that you are viewed favorably when your decision is being rendered. No one wants to be remembered for not sending a thank you note! We hope that you can use our FAQs, tips, and examples to construct the perfect medical school thank you letters.

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