Cracking Med School Admissions

The Book That Started It All

The medical school application process is daunting. 

Using our expertise in getting into top medical schools, we wrote a book with a ton of detailed, granular, and practical tips that will help you stand out!

Learn the in’s and out’s of the medical school admissions process from Stanford and Harvard doctors. The Cracking Med School Admissions authors have studied and mastered the art of medical school applications.

Our deep knowledge comes from years of advising thousands of applicants and speaking with admissions committee members.

We wrote this book to help pre-meds LIKE YOU crack the medical school admissions process! This book is the best guide for writing your medical school application and interviewing well. We give you tips to stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

Cracking Med School Admissions is written in a clear, easy-to-read Question & Answer format with several examples from successful medical school students.

We answer questions like:

  • What should I do during my gap year before medical school?
  • How should I fill out my AMCAS application?
  • From who should I ask my letters of recommendation and how can I receive superb ones?
  • How can I ace my medical school interviews?
  • What can I do to improve my chances of getting into medical school?

Plus, only in this book, you will receive:

  • 50+ PRIMARY AND SECONDARY essays from accepted students Profiles of other medical students and their extra-curricular activities
  • Commonly asked medical school interview questions, including questions for Multiple-Mini-Interviews
  • Examples for filling out your AMCAS, secondaries, and thank-you letters
  • We have over 50 personal statements and secondary essays from successful medical school applicants, including essays from our authors! The best resource for example personal statements is our Cracking Med School Admissions book! 

A valuable companion on the intricate journey of getting into medical schools

I am lucky to have gotten into medical school at the time I did. It wasn't easy when I applied in 2011-2012, but now it is unnecessarily competitive; having been an admissions committee ambassador for my medical school (in manhattan/NYC) I've seen how many stellar applicants get rejected despite being more than qualified. What goes behind the decision of selecting one qualified applicant over another? It is intrinsically a subjective process. Getting into top schools will now require more than just stellar GPAs and MCAT scores; it requires years of diligent planning before hitting the "submit" button, and this book shows you how.
DJ Quark

Most Helpful Book I've Read!!!

Best Medical School Admissions Book Having the Cracking Med School Admissions book is like having your own personal medical school admissions adviser and coach. This book literally answered all the questions I had about medical school admissions, plus more. The book is in a question-and-answer format. It is filled with examples of what you should do when you write your medical school applications. And, each chapter has a check list to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Thanks Cracking Med School Admissions team.
Ryan B.

The BEST resource for med school admissions

This book was soooo helpful! It's incredibly thorough and goes through which schools to apply to, how to write your personal statement, interviewing, getting the right Letters of Rec, writing secondaries...and of course most importantly, which school you should actually go to! I believe the authors also consult too, never did that but seems useful for the extra personal touch! Well worth the money!
405 Road Warrior

Very helpful and useful tips

I bought this book for all my friends and family friends going into medicine. The advice that the Cracking Med School Admissions team gives is spot on. It is easy to learn from all the team's tips and examples. The book is a great resource for anyone applying to medical school.
Ruth R. Bunda

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