10 Medical Schools: Secondary Essay Edits


Need help with multiple medical school secondary applications? With this package, we will help you with TEN medical school secondary applications.

ONE medical school secondary edit = ALL the essays for one schools’ secondary application. 

The Cracking Med School Admissions team can help you craft secondary essays that will be noticed, and most importantly, remembered by the admissions committee. We have professional writing experience and have revised thousands of essays. Now you can receive personalized feedback tailored towards your application through our essay editing service.

When you use our secondary essay editing service, you will receive the following from Stanford and Harvard-trained physicians:
· Line-by-line edits to ensure your essay has proper grammar, engaging diction, appropriate tone, and smooth transitions
· Feedback about essay organization and style
· Generalized evaluation about the essay’s content and themes
· Suggestions for how to integrate themes from your personal statement to your secondary essays