MMI Course + Mock Interview + Feedback


MMI Course Details:

Title: Mastering the Multiple Mini Interview

Subtitle: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Skilled and Confident Interviewer in One Week

Get all the information you need to stand out during your Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). Learn tips and tricks to get extra points during your Multiple Mini Interviews.

Understand how to tackle several types of interview scenarios:

  • Ethical
  • Team
  • Current Events
  • Traditional Questions
  • Situational

Practice real-time with MMI questions. See sample responses and feedback about what makes a good interview response versus a great interview response.

This online course is taught by Dr. Rachel Rizal, who was an interviewer and rater for Stanford School of Medicine’s Multiple Mini Interviews. She has also gone through interviews with MMI questions herself.

Mock Interview with Dr. Rizal:

After you complete the course and practice MMI questions on your own, you will schedule a mock MMI with Dr. Rachel Rizal. She will give you critical feedback about your responses and coach you to become an exceptional MMI interviewer.